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Domestic Outreach Center
6207 Brownsville Road
Finleyville, PA 15332
phone: 412-559-1197
fax: 724-348-4688
Here is what some of the graduates of the Domestic Outreach Center have to say about it’s program:

"Would this vicious cycle that we just started keep happening? Yes it would!!! The sad reality is it would happen over and over again, for as long as we could or would take it. I thank God everyday that the cycle was resolved after the first abuse had occurred. What did I gain? Everything!!! I have gained a foundation. No matter what happens to me in my life, my foundation can never be taken away from me. My foundation is built with control and self respect." – Anonymous

"We cannot thank you enough for sending us there (to DOC). Attending the DOC program helped me strive to be a better person on a daily basis, as well as watching all the other students in the class change for the better every week we attended. DOC was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us. I would highly recommend this program to any person struggling or in need of help of any kind. It really does change your life." - Kristianna

"The DOC program offered me an opportunity to gain a connection and understanding about anger management, personal relationships, and taking responsibilities for one’s own actions. This platform allowed me to see my mistakes and realize the changes necessary to lead a though-driven versus action-driven life." - Shawn

"While sitting in jail we had a lot of time to think about what we did. I never thought there was a class that would teach me about why. I know that I will always be in control of myself and I will always keep calm. I truly believe that these classes changed our lives and saved our relationship." - Dave

"[The DOC] has provided me an opportunity to resolve conflict in my life in an educational and productive way. I think the principles and theories of DOC go far beyond abuse and can be applied to any aspect of life in which there is conflict. What I have learned in this program will forever change the way I think and feel about every situation in my life." - Glenn

"I have learned to break the cycle. I have learned how to manage my anger by taking time outs. I still get angry but I am able to control it now. Since we started taking these classes, I have noticed a change for the better." - Robin

"The DOC program has helped change my relationship with both my wife and children, in ways I didn't think that I had needed. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to change my future, and my family’s future." - Chris

"I have learned a lot of techniques in this program to help me not hurt anyone especially the people I love. I have been able to not say mean things or lay my hands on anyone because of all the help [DOC] has given me. I feel good about myself now. I feel in control of myself and know I can make smarter choices. I know I have to grow up and be a good father to my baby. Everything I learned here will help me do that. I don’t want to ever hurt anyone again. I just want to be a good person that knows ways to control my temper and I learned how to do that in these classes." - Stephen

"If this situation had never occurred, or the authorities never got involved, the cycle would have continued. This program is designed to heighten your self-awareness of the way you react to daily life. In time, if you read the information in this handbook, you will find solutions to may of the everyday problems that occur in most peoples lives." - Regis

"I have gained the self-confidence to be myself, be responsible and control my actions. I will never fall into the hole again. As I go on with life I would be a fool to think that I will never be antagonized or drawn to anger again. I will now have a system in place to deal with it when it comes up." - Alan

"The main thing that I have learned is that I have a part to play in any situation and that I can choose how to handle each one to my best ability." - Gracy

"Your anger management program has brought into awareness for me my aggressive tendencies and the necessity of controlling them. No doubt, stressful circumstances will present themselves again in my life, but you have given me some tools to better handle problems in the future. You have given me a foundation for me to avoid making the wrong decisions in the future." - Matthew

"It is not that you won’t come to bumps in the road, but you have to know how to deal with those bumps. Before, I tried to go over and through bumps at full speed. Now I take my time, think about and go around it." - Anonymous

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