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Domestic Outreach Center
6207 Brownsville Road
Finleyville, PA 15332
phone: 412-559-1197
fax: 724-348-4688
Domestic Outreach Center's approach to ending partner violence is simplistic yet effective. The purpose of the psychoeducational groups is to help people to:

• Identify problems/issues in their lives.
• Purpose solutions and develop options.
• Make changes in themselves which will enable them to lead non-abusive lifestyles.

The approach is not geared toward traditional group psychotherapy but instead focuses on a more educational format, thus the term "psychoeducational groups".

The curriculum is organized in eight main areas which support this approach. Within each theme are sub-themes with suggested handouts, exercises, worksheets, and homework assignments for the clients.

For more information about purchasing the Domestic Outreach Center's curriculum workbook, call Linda Sherman at 412-559-1197.
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